They are a lot of interactions for Curcuma Longa with other  drugs:   

·  Using turmeric with slow clotting medications may increase the chance of bursting and bleeding. It inhabits platelets in the blood. The examples of these drugs include aspirin, anticoagulants.

·   It decreases the blood sugar which causes addictive effects with diabetes medications.

·   Turmeric decreases blood pressure levels, if you use it with medication for lower blood pressure.

·  Turmeric decreases the blood levels of low-density lipoprotein and increase high-density lipoprotein. For that, it may increases the impact of cholesterol lowering drug.

·    Turmeric may increase the level of drugs in the blood which causes serious reactions. It is interfere with the way of body process with drugs by using liver.

·  Turmeric used may reduce the number of stomach and intestinal ulcers caused by indomethacin or reserpine.

Mycorrhiza :

Mycorrhiza is a symbiotic relationship between Curcuma Longa roots and fungus, Both of them get benefit from this interaction.

For the plant; the fungus uptake the nutrient and phosphorus to the plant, which helps the plant to increase the surface area of roots. increasing surface area will increase the ability of the plant to to absorb the water and nutrients from the soil. For the fungus; Curcuma Longa gives to fungus carbon, that it gets  from photosynethies  . If you interest to learn more about Mycorrhiza and fungus, visit DR Thomas Volk webpage.

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