medical uses  

Curcuma Longa is a plant with many of health benefits. It has been used in Asia as a traditional medicine for several diseases: stomach ailments and to stimulate bile secretion, blood purifier, liver aliments, and skin diseases. It is a good promoted for use as a pain relievers. It relieves the pain caused by arthritis, muscle sprains, swelling, and pain caused by injury or surgical incisions.

The active ingredient in Curcuma Longa is Curcumin. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. It helps to protect our cell from activated oxygen molecules which called a  free radicals and oxidative. Furthermore, it plays important role in liver health by protecting the liver from  damaging effects of certain toxins like alcohol. Also, it is used with digestive problem because it helps  digest fats by stimulating the flow of bile. Some studies report that it harbors antiplatelet activity.

Heart health:

It protects heart  by reduce the cholesterol levels. It can protect the heart from a plaque build-up in the arteries, which can cause atherosclerosis. Turmeric has the ability to improve circulation and  protecting the heart from  attacks and strokes.
For that, it is important to reduces the ability of the blood to form clots.


The last researches concentrate on Curcuma Longa whether it is  prevent the cancer or not. In fact, Curcuma Longa prevent the DNA mutations that lead to a cancer. Many studies shown that it  has the ability to kill cancer cell in laboratory dishes. It reduces development of several forms of cancer in laboratory dishes. One study reports that, if smoker takes one tea spoon of turmeric for 30 days, the level of cancer- causing mutagens in his urine will be lower. Other study shown that, it can inhabit the growth of H. pylori, bacteria believed to cause stomach and colon cancer. Many studies have proven the effectiveness of Turmeric in human leukemia cells, due to its antioxidant properties or some other anti-cancer activity.


Other studies showed that Curcuma Longa works affectively against Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers found that it was able to reduce  a deposits of beta-amyloid proteins in brain which cause Alzheimer’s disease of elderly lab mice which used Curcuma Longa as a part of their daily diets.


Side effects:

They are no major  side effects for using Curcuma Longa reported. Some researchers said using  a lot capsules  of Curcuma Longa may increase the body temperature. Long time of using turmeric may cause skin rash and stomach ulcers. The people who used blood-thinning medications should not use Curcuma Longa  because of the risk interaction of harmful drug. Also, the people with bleeding disorders, obstructions of the bile duct should not use it. The pregnant and nursing  women  should not use it . Further more, the people who suffer from painful gallstones, obstructive jaundice, acute bilious colic, or extremely toxic liver disorders should not use it.

Daily using:

There is no recommended daily allowance because it is not consider as primary nutrient, but you can use 400 to 600 for  adult or one teaspoon every day.


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