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My name is Gavin Hautala and I am currently a student at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse. I am majoring in Biology with a concentration in Biomedical Sciences and also plan on minoring in Chemistry. After acquiring my Bachelor's Degree, I plan on going to medical school. After that, I want to be an anesthesiologist, which I have wanted to be since the 7th grade. Taking this route will take a lot of time and schooling, but in my eyes it's worth it. I'm from Pittsville, Wisconsin, and for those who don't know where that is, Pittsville is the exact center of Wisconsin. We have a landmark and everything! It's a real small town with a population of 874 people. I graduated with a class of 54, so being a part of the biggest freshman class in the last 25 years at UW-La Crosse (1,960 students) was definitely something new for me.

There is a lot of homework for being Pre-Med, so I try to find fun ways to relax and give myself a break from studying. I have found the best ways to relax are to play guitar, go outside to play some basketball or to throw a baseball around, and sometimes, to just sit and watch television with friends.

This webpage was produced as a project for my Organismal Biology class, taught by Dr. Sandland and Dr. Volk. The purpose of the project was to get us to research an organism that could be used for or one that helps produce food. I chose Alces alces because the moose has always interested me and I wanted to become very educated on them. They are massive animals and they are very cool looking.


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