The snowshoe has many adaptations for living in the far northern areas of North America. During the winter months the snowshoe hare turns white in order to blend in with the surrounding snowy areas, and in summer it turns a grayish-brown color to camouflage itself with the dirt, rocks and trees. Another adaptation it has for living in the north woods is that its hind feet are large, making it easy for the hare to stay on top of the snow. 

    One of the most important adaptations the snowshoe hare has made to insure its survival in the predator infested woods is the ability to have multiple litters of leverets in one year. This capability not only helps the population of the snowshoe, but also helps keep the population of the predators up as well.

    The hare is approximately 30 centimeters in length and its life span is fairly short due to the predation, and hard winters. This is ok though because the hare is ready to begin reproducing within the first year of their life.