The snowshoe hare is a very solitary animal with very few encounters with not only other types of animals, but other snowshoes as well. 

     A few of the predators that the snowshoe has to worry about are the lynx, bobcat, coyote and predatory birds such as hawks and owls in some cases.

  The Lynx (Lynx canadensis) and the Bobcat (Lynx rufus) are the top predators of the snowshoe, and the hare is the main food source for these two predators as well., and the snowshoe population is in a correlating cycle with these two predators. Many studies have been done on this predator-prey correlation, and researchers found that the cycle for each animal is about ten years with a two year difference between the snowshoe and lynx.  

     The snowshoe is a very tasty animal and is quite fun to hunt as well. The meat that the snowshoe hare can have a "gamey" flavor, but is full of protein. My family has eaten this organism many times an I find it to be very good.

    Some people say that the snowshoe hare is a tough meat and is a bit chewy, but a common way that I have figured out to get rid of this problem is to boil the meat first before frying it up in a pan. This makes the meat less tough and still is very tasty.

     The snowshoe hare is a sustainable food source if a person can harvest many hares because the hare will not even give a pound of meat to a person who is looking forward to eating this organism. The most successful way to harvest this organism is with the use of beagles. Which also makes for an entertaining day being able to hang out in the woods with man's best friend.