The snowshoe hare lives in dense coniferous forests, and thick alder swamps. The snowshoe hare lives in most of Canada and in the northern tier of the United States such as northern Wisconsin and Minnesota. It is able to live in these conditions because of its ability to turn white in the winter months, and is able to have multiple litters of babies throughout the year. The snowshoe is the perfect organism to withstand the cold and blustery winters because it can burrow into the snow to stay warm, and is able to consume the almost inedible bark from trees during the winter.

 Photo of snowshoe hare in its winter coat found from Wisconsin DNR website.

    Other animals that live in the same area as the snowshoe hare usually include either the bobcat, lynx and coyotes because these are the top predators of the snowshoe. It also lives in the same area of the white-tailed deer and other herbivores that eat similar foods as the snowshoe.