Photo by Jessy Dou. Used with permission.

Welcome to the Huso huso webpage!

Photo by Jessy Dou. Used with permission.This website has been created to share information about the mysterious Huso huso species, more commonly known as the Beluga Sturgeon. Many individuals probably haven't heard the term beluga associated with a sturgeon before, for most think of the beautiful white beluga whale. Soon you will learn that there is very little in common with these two organisms that just happen to share the same name. Much like the beluga whale is sought after for some of its whale-like qualities,  Huso huso is commonly fished and even poached, for its meat and delectable caviar.

Due to overfishing and damming of spawning waters, Huso huso has been classified as a species that is critically endangered. Currently, several restocking efforts are in place to keep the sturgeon from becoming extinct though fishing quotas remain unchanged. If something is not done quickly, this sturgeon species will no longer exist naturally in the world.

Now that we have just scratched the surface about the beluga sturgeon, let's get into the specifics. Next, explore the classification page!

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