You have a friend in me!


ees are a great source of vitamin C and some say it is a better source compared to oranges. Studies have been done to see what other effects it can have on the human body and it shows that it can help fight diabetes instead of using other drugs. The lychee nut is also used for medicinal purposes where it is grinded up. It is also believed that it helps relieves coughs and help patients with stomach ulcers. In China it is considered to be a "hot food", if it is over consumed it can lead to nose bleeds and fevers.


Yes bees can be friends too. They are our pollinators on this earth and the lychee trees help them out by providing nectar for them. Not only does the lychee tree only provide food, but they also provide a home for the bees. They makes its hive in the groves of the trees.


Not all organisms are its friend. Such pests such as mites, aphids, caterpillars, and birds are harmful to the tree. Especially birds, because they like to eat the lychee fruit and the caterpillars likes to eat away at the leaves and flowers. Many things can be done to try to protect the fruit such as using pesticides and surround the fruit with netting. Go
here to learn more about pests and disease lychees have to try to overcome!

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