Where Do I BELONG?

          Domain: Eukarya
                    Kingdom: Plantae
                               Phylum: Tracheophyta
                                         Class: Magnoliopsida
                                                      Order: Sapindales
                                                                Family: Sapindaceae
                                                                         Genus: Litchi Sonn
                                                                                 Species: Litchi chinensis


Domain Eukarya
Litchi chinensis belongs in the domain Eukarya and not in the other two domains, Archea and Bacteria. It is considered to be an eukaryotic organism, because it contains membrane bound organelles and a true nuclei. There are many other eukaryotic organisms such as Persea americana (avocado) and Salvia officinalis ( Sage).

Kingdom Plantae 
Organisms in the Kingdom Plantae posses the ability to photosynthesize and their cell walls are made of cellulose. They also contain chlorophyll and organisms in this Kingdom are considered to be one the most important producers on this planet. Another important and popular food from the kingdom Plantae is Zizania aquatica(wild rice).

Phylum Tracheophyta

 The phylum Tracheophyta are the vascular plants that have xylem and pholem to transport water and nutrients. This phylum is known for evolving from living in the sea onto the land, therefore this is why they acquired a transporting system. Because Litchi chinensis trees can grow very tall, they need to have an efficient way to transport water and nutrients.

Class Magnoliopsida
This class is also known as Dicotyledons, which means they are are dicots. Dicots are flowering plants that have two embryonic cotlyedons. In this  class has some main characteristics that puts Litchi chinensis in this class such as flowers are found in multiples of four or five and they have three pores in the pollen. The root is also grown from the radicle of the plant is the embryonic root of a seedling when it is developing.  Other plants that belong to the class Magnoliopsida are Mentha x piperita (peppermint) and Viola sororia (Common Blue Violet), they are pretty cool plants that you should check out!     

 Order Sapindales
These species in the order Sapindales are usually trees, shrubs, and woody vines. They also have compound leaves which means that many leaves grow on the same branch. The leaves in this order have lobed leaves like Acer saccharum (sugar maple trees) which means the margins on the leaves are deeply indented which makes them stand out more.    

 Family Sapindaceae 
They are commonly known as soapberries and composed mostly of shrubs and deciduous trees. Litchi Chinensis are in this family, because they can grow really well under deciduous trees due to the shade it provides. A different type of maple tree that belongs in this family is the Acer saccharinum (Silver Maple).

Genus Litchi Sonn
The genus Litchi contains two other important subspecies called javensis and philippinensis.The word litchi means Chinese trees and the common name for this genus is lychee

Species Litchi Chinensis 
Litchi Chinensis is an aromatic, delicious tropical fruit. Its name comes from where it was originated which was China. The trees can grow from up to thirty to fifty feet high. This species not only is good snack, but it can also provide a good amount of vitamin C.

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