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Lychee trees are angiosperms that are dicotleyons if you remember from classification section. Angiosperms are flowering plants that can produce a fruit that is enclosed with a pericarp. The pericarp can be considered the “fruits wall”. They produce two types of flowers: a male flower and female flower. The female flower has special reproductive structures that are important in reproducing such as the stigma, style, ovary, and ovules.  In the male flower they have the stamen and anther. The stamen is where the pollination occurs before they can reproduce and on tops of the stamen is the anther. Pollen is produced at the anther and is then carried to the female flower part called the pistil. At the end of the pistil the stigma is located there and the pollen is left there. Then the pollen is travels down the style which leads to the ovary. The result is a pollinated flower. The diagram below shows the angiosperm lifecycle.

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