Hey there! My name is Xiao Lai, but I go by the name Helen most of the time. I am currently a sophomore majoring in Biology with a concentration in biomedical sciences at the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse. I hope to become a Physician Assistant in the near future and to be able to work with kids. In my spare time when I am not cramming for exams and doing projects, I love to watch movies, hang out with friends, and go on random adventures!

This semester I am in an Organismal Biology class taught by Dr. Greg Sandland and Dr. Thomas Volk. I was assigned to do this website on the topic this semester which was organisms that were "Food Organisms". I chose to research on Lychees, because I was born in Guangdong, China and I remember back when I was little I would see just barrels and barrels of lychee in the backyard. They were my favorite fruit as a little kid. Ever since I moved to the U.S. it is hard to find really fresh lychee, so going back to China to eat some lychees is definitely worth it!       
Thank you for taking the time to go through my website. I hope it provided you with some interesting information and some new found knowledge about lychees. Now that you know so much about them, go out and try some!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns contact me at Otherwise check out more awesome organisms at