Cortinarius speciosissimus- BIO203

Case Studies


  There have been numerous records of poisoning by Cortinarius , the first  documented case took place in Poland between 1953-1962. There are three other species of cortinarius that keep popping up in history are Cortinarius speciosissimus,

  Cortinarius orellanus, and Cortinarius splendes.

Article dated from 1980 was one of the first article to being examine the rise in mushroom posisonnings in europe. A article by D. Michelot and I. Tebbet in 1990 focus on three of the earliest cases of Cortinarius speciosissimus posionings outside of Scandinavia. All were young healthy middle age adults. Each showed the various indicators of poisonings  within 24-48 hours. One victim was able to be treated at the hospital within 8 days after consumption but developed severe intestinal nephritis and renal failure. The toxins produced by Cortinarius s. are resistant to heat, freezing, and drying. There is no current form of specific therapy for this type of poisoning, other than dialysis. For more about the toxin visit my pathology section under Toxins.            

  A specific case of cortinarius poisoning caught national news when