Cortinarius speciosissimus- BIO203

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I am currently a junior at UW-Lacrosse studying microbiology. I was born an raised in Wisconsin in the small town Menomonie. I really dislike the cold and I am hoping to live else where once I graduate with my degree. Most people now me as the funny guy or the social butter fly. I tend to be on the flashy side but I love to make people laugh, its what I'm best at. I played men's Lacrosse for two years and I plan to join the LMC-Hip Hop dance team the next year. I love the go frolfing and spending time with my friends. My current Job is for a defensive Flag football coach for the Special Olympics. It is my favorite activity I do and every year I cant wait to get back my athletes. I have older brother that has given me a lot of guidance throughout my life and leadership. We are very close and I feel like I'm the 2.0 version of him. My favotite ty


Ebony-magzine photo shoot

The reason I choose to do Cortinarius s. is my recently discovered passion for fungi! My hope is one day I can discover a new species of fungi or as many as I can. Or even better I would like to find mushroom that could have medicinal benefits that has be discovered. Who would of thought some the best medicines have come from Fungi like Cyclosporine which is derived from Cordyceps subsessilis   I cant take all the credit, My future Mycology professor Thomas Volk(he's a real Fun-guy) pointed me in the right direction. After you are done exploring my site I highly encourage you too visit his web site Also too learn about other interesting fungi or organisms check out the . I hope you will enjoy my website and learning about Cortinarius s. as much as I did. Thanks!

Feel free to contact me at:

University Of Wisconsin La Crosse,

 827 Grove St. WI, 54601

Thomas Volk examining a interesting Fungi