Autumn Crocus

Welcome to my website on Autumn Crocus! Other common names you might hear this plant called are Naked Lady or Meadow Saffron. Wild garlic and autumn crocus are often mistaken for each other since both live in damp areas
and are from the same subclass Liliidae. While the wild garlic is edible, the crocus is not, it suppresses mitotic activity causing severe damage to organs. To see more go to Toxic Terrors.

There are many interesting facts about plants that are not common knowledge, such as: you usually think of flowers as being heralds of spring, not tokens of fall. But, Culchicum autumnale is, in fact, a fall blooming flower. Even though it grows its leaves in the spring just like other flowers the actual blossom doesn't come till later. This Autumn Crocus is a special treat in late summer/early fall. You can learn more fun facts about it here on my web as well as more about nutrition, habitat, and adaption. Like a crocus, Autumn Crocus has a bulb from which it grows called a corm. To see more about its growth see 'Reproduction'.






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