Amanita bisporigera "The Destroying Angel" - BIO203


  •  It is called the Destroying Angel because of its white “angelic” color, yet if you happen to eat it will “destroy” you.
  • If you are interested in hearing a personal account of the effects of a "destroying angel." Here is a link to a survivor’s account of the ordeal.
  • Amanita bisporigera is a part of a group of mushrooms called the “Death Angels”, which are known to produce some of the deadliest fungal toxins known
  • Amanita bisporigera and Amanita virosa are now classified as the same species. The difference between the two is the amount of spores produced from each basidia and the time of the year that the fruiting bodies appear. In Amanita virosa each basidium contains four spores, and in Amanita bisporigera each basidium contains two spores. Amanita virosa typically forms fruiting bodies later in the year than Amanita bisporigera. Both are also called the "Destroying Angel." Besides these two differences, they are very similar. 
  • A. bisporigera, when exposed to a KOH solution, will turn a distinct yellow color somewhere on the fruiting body. (See picture on right)
  • There happens to be a band named “Amanita Virosa” which is the four-spored form of Amanita bisporigera. I don’t know everyone’s musical tastes, but they may be worth checking out. Here is a link to one of their songs.

  • Not all species from the genus Amanita are poisonous, some actually are edible. If you are unsure on what the mushroom is though, I highly suggest that you don’t eat it.                                                                                                               



  • A. bisporigera is not only toxic to humans, but a study was done with other mammals and found that it too can cause damage in those animals. The symptoms and effects of the toxin varied between each mammal. 
  • Amanita bisporigera, along with Amanita phalloides, has been estimated to be the cause of 90% of lethal poisonings due to mushroom consumption!


Don't make the same mistake this person did. They obviously were unsure of what this mushroom was. This happens to be a curry made with Amanita bisporigera. If you were to eat this it would almost surely be a death sentence.