Areas where Conus marmoreus can be foundConus marmoreus is a marine snail and is widely distributed in the tropical Pacific and Indian oceans, similar to where the blue whale and albacore tuna can be found.  They are found in relatively shallow water at a depth ranging from one to twenty meters, where there are many plants and sunlight-dependent organisms since the light is allowed to penetrate into the water.  Their usual habitat consists of coral reef terraces and sandy ocean bottoms, like the picture below.  This is so they can bury themselves under the substrate to ambush prey.  Coral reef habitat similar to where the marbled cone snail can be foundFor more on how the marbled cone snail attacks and eats its prey, go to the Nutrition page.  While most cone snails are nocturnal, C. marmoreus is unusually active during the day.  Some other organisms that inhabit this same habitat include other species of cone snails, numerous fish, coral, and of course, other snails for Conus marmoreus to feed on.  For more information on other species interacting with Conus marmoreus, go to the Interactions page.

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