Habitat and Geography: Yersinia enterocolitica is a worldwide food born pathogen that affects mainly young children. It resides in the gastrointestinal tract of its infected host and impacts the lymph tissues. Chinchillas, hares, monkeys, and humans are organisms that Y. enterocolitica is considered pathogenic for.

 Image of grey cheeked mangabey (type of monkey)

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Author Skyler Hying holding a potential Yersinia enterocolitica reservoir!Pigs are also a well know reservoir for Yersinia enterocolitica (they hog this host) therefore raw or undercooked pork is a prominent transmitter of the bacteria. Within the pig the bacteria is most likely to be found on the tonsils. To the right is a photo of me carrying one of these well know reservoirs. (Don't worry I didn't eat him!) In addition untreated water, contaminated tofu, and pasteurized milk (to learn more about the producers of milk click here!) have been discovered as vehicles for Yersinia enterocolitica (Huovinen, et al 2010). Other than Yersinia enterocolitica many other bacteria live in the human gut including most classified under enterobacteriaceae. This organism fits in this niche because they are fully anaerobic which means they can survive in conditions in which there is no oxygen available.

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