Neomys fodiens has several adaptations that allow it to thrive in its environment. One key adaptation that allows the Eurasian water shrew to be successful in its environment is its fur. Water shrews have very dense, stiff hairs on coats. Their coats also contain ridges that help them to retain water when they are swimming. This air bubble that is created by the shrew's fur coat allows for better buoyancy and allows them to move easily and faster through aquatic environments in search for food.

In addition to their fur coats, Eurasian water shrews also possess stiff hairs on their toes and tails, which also aid them when they are swimming through aquatic environments. A morphological feature of these mammals is that the tips of their teeth have a red color on them. In order for Eurasian water shrews to subdue their prey, they contain venomous saliva in their salivary glands. Check out Venom for more information. 


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