The Russula emetica is mycorrhizal so it is found mostly near forested areas. R. emetica’s habitat is most closely associated with members of the oak family and pine family. It prefers moist weather and another common place to see the mushroom is in or around bogs but you can also find it in dry areas. R. emetica is a fairly common mushroom and at times can be the most populous fungi in a forested area (biomass wise). R. emetica's habitat ranges from Britain and Ireland (very common) to mainland Europe, northern Africa and in Asia and parts of North America. You will be most likely to find R. emetica during the summer months and early fall.



Some trees to find the Russula emetica next to would be the Pinus sylvestris, Pinus taeda, Pinus strobus











 Pinus sylvestris as seen in the picture below would be a one of the most common trees to find R. emetica next to in North America

New discoveries based on habitat: Russula emetica as well as a few other Russulae species were found in the Montane and Subalpine Belts of the Tatra.   Mountains. This shows that we are still expanding on what is and could be the habitat for the Russula emetica.  Source

Fruiting bodies of Russula emetica in Poland have shown traces of elements in there fruiting bodies. Source

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