Russula emetica can acquire food with the secretion of exoenzymes. Through the use of these enzymes the fungi is able to digest organic materials. Unlike many other organisms that must first ingest their prey in order to digest it, fungi switch things around by digesting their food outside of their bodies and then ingesting it.



Picture shows mycelium created from a large amount of hyphae which are used to secrete the exoenzymes and take in in the digested materials.


R. emetica is mycorrhizal meaning it has an association with the roots of trees or some herbacious plants. This is a mutualistic relationship that gives the fungus some of the sugar that the tree acquires during photosynthesis. The tree in return gains nitrogen, phosphorus and benefits from the fungus' ability to absorb water.

The fungus also takes in oxygen and releases C02 which is the opposite of what plants do, as they take in C02 and release oxygen.

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