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My name is Kingsley Ozongwu. I was born in Nigeria and spent about 5 years in Nigeria before moving to Milwaukee, Wisconsin with my parents when I was 5. I've lived in Milwaukee majority of my life and I frequently travel back to Nigeria to visit family. My Nigerian culture played and continues to play a big part in my life and I'm very proud of it.

I'm a big sports fan. I have a favorite team in a vast array of sports, such as soccer, football and  basketball. For soccer, my favorite club is Manchester United, but my favorite player is Messi. I think I'm the biggest Green Bay Packer fan in America, hence the color of this webpage. It was the closest to green that I could get. Then for basketball, I'm a big Lakers and Kobe fan. In high school, I played on the football team as a defensive lineman and I was pretty good at it. The most challenging sport for me, was high school wrestling.  The sport pushed me and made me more mentally strong than it did physically. 

 I attend the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse, where I am a Biomedical Science major, with a chemistry minor, and a Pre-Medicine concentration. When I chose my major it mainly depended on the fact that I wanted to go to medical school to become a surgeon.  I chose biomedical science because I heard La Crosse had a great biology program and I didn’t want to have just a broad subject as biology as a major.  My interest in becoming a surgeon was this curiosity of how a human body function and looked went past 2-D pictures in textbooks.  I felt that being a surgeon would be amazing because it allowed you to help people that put their life and confidence in your hand when doing the surgery.  That is the perfect proof that “knowledge is power”. My greater goal is to become a orthopedic surgeon.


 Once again you can reach me at my email, or call me at 414-3064240.

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