Human Affects- The Enhydrina schistosa is not known to have any natural predator other than humans.  The impact of humans on the snake is not that well documented or known. The snakes are exploited for their skins, organs, and meat.  They are delicacies in many Asian countries. Since they are mostly found in shallow waters near the coast, they are a victim of trawling and overfishing.  They have been caught in the nets of fisherman, where majority of the reported snake bites have occurred. Due to this, fisherman kill the snakes if they are caught in their nets than taking the risk of releasing them. Another threat that comes into factor for living near the coast, is coastal pollution. Their collection are thought to be in high numbers in Thailand because of the venom industry. Scientist aren't sure if the collection effects their population dramatically.

Predation- Due to the snakes bright coloration, other organisms take it as a warning sign that the snake is very venomous and possibly even toxic to ingest. They have been studies done where scientist would feed sea snakes to bigger aquatic organisms that are found in their habitat, and the organisms would refuse to eat the meat.  When forcefully feed the sea snake meat, they would regurgitate the meat.


Parasitism- Like a lot of sea snakes, the beaked sea snake is effected by many marine invertebrates.  They are also effect by species of barnacles and algae that only grow on species of sea snake.  Most of the organisms don't have a primary or direct, negative effect on the snake.  The relationship that is shared with the snake and barnacle or algae, can be considered as commensalism relationship, where the snake provides a shelter and transportation to the organisms.  Where the relationship goes bad, is when the barnacles and algae effects the the snakes performance in movement. This happens when the consumption of the algae and barnacles builds up to a point where it weighs down the snake.  This can also effect the snake when it needs to shed its old skin.














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