As the common name implies the beaked sea snake inhabits aquatic environments. They occur in shallow open sea and coastal lagoons. The species inhibits mud and sand environments in estuaries. They also have been found on harbors and shallow bays.  Other than marine environments, they have also been found in freshwater environments such as river mouth, swimming up rivers, and large lakes. In the aquatic environments, they are found at the muddy or sandy bottoms, particularly over mud flats. They have been known to venture into land near mangrove forest, but they never migrate too far away. They prefer water depth from less than 5m to a maximum of 30m.








This snake is common throughout the regions it's found in. They're wide spread in the  Arabian Gulf and Gulf of Oman, and northern and eastern Indian Ocean, and  Papua New Guinea. They are common along the coasts of the Malaysian Peninsula and less common in Australian water (even though those snakes are considered now a different species, Read more on Facts page).


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