These snakes are dioecious, meaning that their is a distinguish male with male reproductive genitals and a female with a sexual reproduction parts. The beaked sea snakes mates in September and October, and it tends to be annual. They reproduce through internal fertilization. During reproduction they have to surface for air because it takes a long period of time. These females give birth to pretty large and live young.  This makes them viviparous. They give  birth to the most litter of any sea snake, having an average of about 18 offspring, and that number could reach to about 30 or more. The average birth weight is about 11.4g.The species has high mortality and also grow rapidly.  They can reach maturity at the age of 18 months, and the females can start reproducing and bearing offspring's at 24 months.

Males have two penises, but only one is used for reproduction.  The two penises are referred to as hemipenes. They are stored and inverted in a male's tail.  The hemipenes are grooved, hooked, or spined to penetrate and hold on to the females' cloaca.



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