Microscopic view of Shigella sonnei (Public Domain)

FactsMicroscopic view of Shigella sonnei (Public Domain)


·         70% of all Shigella infections occur in children under the age of 15

·         Shigella accounts for 10% of the food borne illnesses in the United States

·         Shigella sonnei accounts for two-thirds of shigellosis in the United States

·         Secondary infections of Shigella sonnei from person to person contact is about 40%

·         Fatality from this bacterial infection is less than 1%

·         There are four species of Shigella

·         Shigella sonnei was first successfully isolated from a 5 year old in Japan

·         The name Shigella sonnei describes the production of toxic factors by the organism

·         Shigella sonnei is clonal and is spread worldwide

·         This bacterial infection has been reported to be antibiotic resistant in some cases

          Currently, there is not a vaccine available for any strain of Shigella

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