The Rhodesian giraffe is only found in Africa, more specifically the Zambian Desert where there are thickets, shrubs, and open grassland present. Zambia is a landlocked country that is mostly flat with a tropical climate but miles of desert land. The South Luangwa Valley in north east Zambia is known for its prevalent Rhodesian giraffe population (Bercovitch et al., 2010a). It is estimated that there is only about 1,500 Thornicroft giraffes that exist in the wild with none in captivity (Tutchings et al., 2013). This large valley is not only home to the Thornicroft giraffe but to buffalos, hyenas, zebras, lions, cheetahs and leopards as well. The African Elephant (Laxondanta africana) also shares the Zambian Desert and is one of the Rhodesian giraffes primary competitors for food. The Luangwa River, which stretches throughout Zambia is the main source of water support to the animals that inhibit it. Lets take a look at how the Rhodesian giraffe has adpated to life in the South Luangwa Valley.


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