Madia gracilis: grassy tarweed

Most of us have spent hours on car trips riding through the vast countryside of the American Northwest. What many of us do not realize, is that this countryside is filled with incredible amounts of species and ecosystems that behave just like the ecosystems that we live in. One of the especially interesting organisms that call this vast countryside ecosystem home is the Madia gracilis, commonly known as the grassy tarweed. M. gracilis is a special type of plant that is able to occupy land spaces with little to no nutrients available, making it unlike many other plant species.Image: Madia gracilis bud. Photographed by Terre Dunivant. Used by permission

Our research has found that this particular type of plant is unlike any other, and this web page is devoted to displaying our vast knowledge about this incredible species!

Please take your time in browsing through the pages on this site, as you are bound to learn many new surprising facts about a plant you have most likely seen before, but never given a second thought.

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