Dusky Leaf Monkey in a tree

Dusky Leaf Monkeys are similar to many other species of monkeys in basic anatomy. Therefore, their adaptations may not be completely unique to this particular species.
One adaptation worth mentioning is the location of the eyes: on the front of the head. While this may seem simple in that it is a shared characteristic in many mammals, it is also very important because the placement allows them to have greater depth perception. This helps when the monkeys are moving around.
Another adaptation is that of fingers and, more importantly, opposable thumbs (Trachypithecus obscurus, 2002). This allows for the monkey to grasp things, which assists with the tasks of food acquisition and locomotion, among others. While most monkeys and many other animals have tails, the tails of monkeys in the Cercopithecidae family do not have the ability to grasp things. Therefore, the tail is used mostly for balance (Cercopithecidae Old World Monkeys, 2000).

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Figure 1. Dusky Leaf Monkey in a tree.