Dusky Leaf Monkey in a treeThe Dusky Leaf Monkey is typically found in trees. They prefer to be higher up in the denser forests. While they prefer to live in primary forests, they can also be found in secondary forests (Trachypithecus obscurus). Primary forests are those with tall trees and a dense canopy while secondary forests have been disturbed somehow and may not have as tall of trees (Primate Adaptations).


Figure 1. Dusky Leaf Monkey in a tree.

Map of SE AsiaThe geographic range for the Dusky Leaf Monkey is restricted to Southeastern Asia; primarily, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Thailand. It can also be found on the islands surrounding these areas (Boonratana et al. 2008).




                                                                               Figure 2. Map of Southeastern Asia. Malaysia is colored
                                                                              blue, Myanmar is orange, and Thailand is red.

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