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The authors of this website are Kimberly Pape and Xaarki Seidel and are currently freshmen enrolled at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. This website is a project for the Organismal Biology class for spring semester 2014. The instructors for this class are Dr. Gregory Sandland and Dr. Meredith Thomsen.

Hi I’m Kimberly Pape, and I’m a freshman at UW-L. I am author of the Habitat page as well as the Interactions page. I am from just across the river from La Crosse in La Crescent, Minnesota. I am studying Biology with an interest in Pre-Pharmacy. As much as I enjoy practical subjects like the sciences, I also enjoy the arts such as drawing and singing.

Hi, my name is Xaarki Seidel and I am a freshman here at UW-La Crosse.  The pages I created are Reproduction and Morphology.  I am majoring in Exercize and Sport Science with the plans of applying to the Physical Therapy program her at UWL.  I grew up in a very small town in northern Wisconsin called Pembine and graduated high school with just 14 other students in my class!  I enjoy hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, swimming, and all of the other great activities northern Wisconsin has to offer! 

All of the other content is collaboration between both of us. We hope after reading about the African Eye Worm that you find this organism as interesting and disgusting as we do! If you are interested in learning more about the Loa loa, check out our REFERENCE page.

   Anserwers to questions from "Test yourself"
   1.)D  2.)B  3.)B  4.)C  5.)A  6.)C  7.)B  8.)A  9.)B

If you have any further questions regarding the information on this webpage feel free to email us at or  You can also email our professors Dr. Greg Sandland at and Meredith Thomsen at

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