Bet You Didn’t Know That...

Spines1. The Echinostoma revolutum has 37 distinct spines on its neck (Kortbawi et al. 2011).


Map of Asia2. They infect many people in the Asian countries (Sohn et al. 2011).

3. There is not enough studies on them to properly diagnose them quickly in humans (Sohn et al. 2011).

Snail34. The first host of the Trematode Fluke must be a Lymnaea snail (Sorensen et al. 1997).

5. They are a type of flatworm (Kortbawi et al. 2011).

 6. They can cause gigantism in their host organism.

7. The cause their host to be infertile (Ebert 2004).

8. There are multiple stages in its life where it isn’t able to move (Kortbawi et al. 2011). E.revolutum3

9. They eat by absorbing nutrients through their outer membrane (Ebert et al. 2004).

10. We chose this organism because it had an interesting sounding name.


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