Meet the Trematode Fluke

Echinostoma Revolutum: Wiki Commons         This is a very intersting little critter.  It belongs to the group of organisms commonly reffered to as Parasites.  If these creatures sound interesting, click on the Classification page to learn more about its closest relatives.  Much like the leech, it feeds off of other ogansims to stay alive.  It has three different hosts that it uses through its life cycle. These hosts are, but are not limited to snails, amphibians, and birds.  To learn more about this, read on in the Interactions and Reproductive pages.

          Of course there would be no way this organism could be successful in their hosts with out the adaptations that have evolved in them.  These Flukes have thirty seven collared spines and a flat body.  They are pretty cool.  Check out the Form and Functions page to learn more about the complex adaptations the Trematode has to be successful in its environment.

        The Trematode Fluke is found in numerous places across the globe.  The Fluke has been found in countries in Asia, South America, and even the United States of America.  To find out whether or not these critters could be lurking in the back yard, visit the Habitat page.

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