Common Genet


Common genets inhabit various areas throughout the world, particularly landscapes in which they can be well protected. This includes areas that are rocky and have dense shrubbery like marshlands and pine forests. This type of habitat is most commonly found throughout Africa, as well as parts of Europe, more specifically the Mediterranean zone, along with the Middle East (Arkive Organization, 2014). Genets do not necessarily have specialized habitat requirements.

As mentioned above, these small forest carnivores can be found in different types of landscapes, the only requirement being dense vegetation to provide sufficient protection from predators like pythons, leopards, owls, and even humans. Often times, humans view the common genet as a pest when they come into contact, provoking the killing of the animals by humans. The common genet typically lives in the same habitat as many other small mammals, like their prey of choice, the wood mouse (African Wildlife Foundation, 2013). Genets often adjust their foraging activities and behaviors based on their environment in order to maximize the encounter rates with their desired prey (Díaz et al., 2005).

Common genet habitat

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