Common Genet

All About Common GENETics

Welcome to our webpage all about Genetta genetta, better known as the common genet!

The common genet is a small, cat-like organism that can be found in European and African countries. Although it is cat-like, the common genet has many differences that make it a unique organism, so we encourage you to read on and explore more about this wonderful meowing organism!

Common Genet













How to recognize the common genet:

Common genets are slender carnivores that have spotty patches of black hairs that from the shoulders to the tails of their bodies. The rest of the body is covered by tan to brownish colored fur and often has a white tipped tail that also features 8 to 13 black rings. Some additional features are rather large heads, retractable claws, rounded ears, and white patches beneath their eyes (Arkive Organization, 2013). To read more visit Form & Function!

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