BIO 203


Here are some more interesting pictures of the Stegosaurus and other organisms that lived along beside it!



Human to Stegosaurus comparison

Here is a comparison of what a human next to a species of Stegosaurus might have looked like.

Stegosaurus skull

Fossil of Stegosaurus head


Other organisms:

Allosaurus (predator to Stegosaurus):

Allosaurus skull

Allosaurus skull

Artistic Allosaurus representation

Artistic representation of what a species of Allosaurus may have looked like

Long necked dinosaurs (could have competed with the Stegosaurus for food):

Long necked dinosaur

Apatosaurus skeleton

Long necked artistic representation

Apatosaurus artistic representation

Long neck skeleton

Haplocanthosaurus skeleton

long neck artistic representation

Haplocanthosaurus artistic representation

If you are interested in other ancient creatures like the organisms on this page, then check out the Barbourofelis fricki, Tiktaalik roseae, Tanystropheus longobardicus, Kronosaurus queensland.


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