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How did the Stegosaurus get its food?

The Stegosaurus was a herbivore, which means that it ate plant species. It would commonly browse the shorline edges and chew plant with its teeth, much like any other herbivorous dinosaur (Foster 2007).

          Stegosaurus skull cast


What did the Stegosaurus eat?

Due to its head height, the Stegosaurus has been identified as a low browsing dinosaur that fed on low growing plants (Foster 2007). The structure of its teeth shows that the Stegosaurus was an herbivore because its teeth were not as sharp as a carnivore's teeth. Fossil remains have suggested that the plants they consumed were commonly ferns (like the Licorice Fern on this webpage!), and that some cycads and woody plants were present (Tidwell et al. 2006).


Stegosaurus tooth


Did it have any competition?

Since the Stegosaurus lived alongside other herbivores, it would have needed to compete with them to get the low-growing plants that it commonly ate.


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