BIO 203


Domain- Eukarya (meaning "that with true nucleus")

The Stegosaurus has membrane bound organelles in its cells. Eukaryotes, as opposed to prokaryotes, have membrane bound organelles, which is why the Stegosaurus fits into this domain.

Kingdom- Animalia (meaning "animal")

All animals can reproduce sexually, have a type of skeletal support, and have cells specialized for a particular function. The Stegosaurus does reproduce sexually, as the Reproduction page explains. Also, other evidence of skeletal support and specialized cells can be seen throughout the website.

Phylum- Chordata (meaning "a string")

All members of the Phylum Chordata have some form of a notochord like the Stegosaurus has. The notochord is a rod-shaped flexible chord that is found in the embryo of all chordates.

Class- Archosauria (meaning "ruler lizard")

Members of Class Archosauria have openings on each side of their head in front of their eyes.

Order- Ornisthischia (meaning "bird hip-joint")

Members of Order Ornisthischia have hip structures that resemble that of birds.

Family- Stegosauridae (meaning "roof lizard")

Dinosaurs of this Family have osteoderms along their neck. They also possess backplates.

Genus- Stegosaurus (meaning "roof Lizard")

This Genus contains tail spikes and plates.

Species- Stegosaurus stenops (meaning "narrow-faced roof lizard")

Members of this Species had four spikes on their tails.

                           Stegosaurus phylogenetic tree

(Escase et al. 2007)

In this tree, which we made from information in the Escaso research paper, you can find the species Stegodaurus stenops in relation to fellow dinosaurs species (2007). You can see it shares its most recent common ancestor with LHNB(CN)1 and the Stegosaurus ungulatus (Escaso et al. 2007).  The Stegosuarus and dinosaurs in general have been place between birds and crocadiles on the taxonomic tree (Foster 2007). To learn more about dinosaurs in general learning about the basics of crocodiles and birds would be beneficial.


Phylogeny tree of Stegosaurus

Here is another phylogeny tree, accredited to Dr. Thomas Tholtz, displaying the Stegosaurs in a more general level with other armored dinosaurs (Thyreophora). The images also help you see the adaptations in the back plates which you can learn about under adaptations. Also, this phylogeny displays synapomorphies that can be seen among certain dinosaurs. The Stegosaurus stenops in this tree is located under the branch Stegosauria.


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