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Welcome to the cave of the lungless species, the North-west Italian Cave Salamander!


Photographed by Gert Jan Verspui in April 2012 in Liguria, Italy. 

This is an informational website on the species commonly known as the North-west Italian Cave Salamander or in scientific language, Speleomantes strinatii!  Other common names for this species are the French Cave Salamander or Strinati's Cave Salamander.

If you are searching for this slimy organism, you should start looking at entrances of caves in northwestern Italy as well as southeastern France.  You can find more information about their exact locations on our Habitat and Geography Page

The most interesting fact about this organism is that it doesn’t have any lungs! Isn’t that strange?  Now you may wonder how this organism breathes!  Visit our Form and Function Page to find out!

 Speleomantes strinatii is one of seven species of the genus, Speleomantes, residing in caves in Europe.  Ancestors of these species are located in California.  You can find more information about their history on our Classification Page.  

 We hope you enjoy learning about this fastinating organism.  If you are interested in visiting other informational websites regarding different species, visit a database called  The database includes informative pages on other salamanders such as the Spotted Salamander and the Tiger Salamander.

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