Anguispira alternata  was discovered by Thomas Say in 1816, along with French malacologist, Charles Alexandre Lesueur. They discovered and named the snail on one of their first expeditions.  "Angui Spira" is of Greek descent and means "snake-like coil".  "Alternata" is a Latin word which means different, or alternate.  Say must have seen many species that day because "Different snake-coil" is not too clever of a name. 


Physical Features

When looking at this snail, it is not too difficult to determine that it is a flamed tigersnail.  First thing to look at is the shell.  The flamed tigersnail has a coiled disc like shell which means that the shell grows around itself in a flat, circular plane.  Other snails can form a cone type of shell from their coiling, but the shell of the flamed tigersnail remains relatively flat like a disc.  The shell of the snail is a light color in the spring and gradually gets to a darker brownish orange as the seasons go on.  The shell also has dark tiger-like stripes throughout which has earned the snail the "flamed tigersnail" name.  The body of this snail usually has a reddish orange color and the foot is close to the same color as its body.


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