The flamed tigersnail is not an extremely unique snail. You can usually find the flamed tigersnail living alongside most other terrestrial snails.  They can be found in large numbers around wooded flood-plains and moist upland wooded areas (Douglas, 1963).  They, along with many other snails, can be found on logs, moving through dead leaves, in rock crevices, and just about any other parts of forests. They tend to be crawling around dark, damp spaces because without all the moisture and shelter, they can dry out in the sunlight. Anguispira alternata inhabit most of the United States except for the dry desert region of the West from Arizona and up into Canada.  The map below pinpoints documented discoveries of this species from natural science collections across North America.  You can click on the map to zoom in and see how close an Anguispira alternata was seen by you! 









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