Anguispira alternata are hermaphroditic, which means they can produce both sperm and eggs in the same organism. This is an advantage because they can self fertilize to produce eggs instead of going through the trouble of finding a mate. However, to enhance genetic diversity, they can copulate with another snail and spermatophores(bundles of sperm)are exchanged into the others oviduct(Hickman et al, 2009). 

 Reproduction starts for the Anguispira alternata around 4 weeks after coming out of hibernation(Gugler, 1963). Once fertilized, the snail digs a hole and deposits close to 20 eggs. The eggs are covered with a thin calcareous shell for protection(Gugler, 1963). There is not a lot of information about specifics of the Anguispira alternata life but most snail eggs hatch anywhere from 2-4 weeks as long as there is enough moisture for the eggs to hatch.


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