Columella simplex (Gould, 1841)
Latin: columella=pillar, simplex=simple      
High Spire Column Snail

Domain: Eukarya
Columella simplex is in the domain Eukarya because it is made of eukaryotic cells which have membrane bound organelles including mitochondria.  Their cells also divide by mitosis and have cycles of reproduction and recombination.
Kingdom: Animalia
This organism is multicellular and heterotrophic, which classifies it as an animal.
Phylum: Molluska
Columella simplex is a triploblastic eucloelomate, meaning it has three tissue layers and a true coelom derived from the mesoderm.  It has bilateral symmetry and its basic body plan consists of a mantle, a visceral mass, and a muscular foot.  Mollusks have an excretory system with nephridium where water flushes out the waste.
Class: Gastropoda
This organism is a gastropod because it has an open circulatory system, a single shell, and 180 degree twisting of its visceral mass called torsion.
Order: Stylommatophora
This organism is in the order Stylommatophora because it is a terrestrial pulmonate snail.  It has a lung to breathe air and no gills.
Family: Vertiginidae
Columella simplex is a whorl snail.  They have small shells that are oval to cylindrical.  The snails have two tentacles with eyes at the ends of them (Nordsieck, 2010).
Genus: Columella
To be classified under Columella, the shell must have up to 7 whorls, and its shape is mainly cylindrical.  The shells are up to 4 mm in height and 2.3 mm in diameter (Schultes, 2006).
Species: Columella simplex
Its shell is yellow- to red- brown and mainly smooth with slight striae (Hubricht, 1985).  The shell has a width between 1.8 and 2.1 mm.  It has 5 ½ whorls and no teeth in its aperture (Dourson, 2006).  It is tapered with a conical apex, and the adult form of the shell is taller than wide (Nekola & Coles, 2010)