In general, land snails ingest many different types of food.  Snails are mainly herbivores and their food sources include tree sap, a variety of fungi, lichens, and vegetation (Discover Life In America).  This explains why we find Columella simplex at the bases of trees in the south and in leaf litter in northern regions of the country.  Trees can provide food for these snails and also a safe space for reproduction.



            Pulmonate land snails are hermaphrodites, where both male and female sex organs are present.  In rare cases, self-fertilization is possible but mating is usually between two individuals of the same species (Discover Life In America). Snails normally lay their eggs under logs or in moist environments such as leaf litter (Discover Life In America), which can both serve as protection for the eggs.


            This picture shows  the anatomy of a pulmonate snail.  Notice the presence of both a penis and a vagina for reproduction.