Pupilla muscorum is frequently referred to as the "moss snail". It was first discovered by Linnæus in 1758 (Hubricht, 1985). Pupilla muscorum is a pulmonate snail, meaning that the species has lost its gills and developed a lung. (Hickman, et al. 2007). Air enters through a pore called the pneumostome (Hickman, et al. 2007) The species is being threatened in several areas of Europe due to habitat loss (Animal Base, 2010).



The shell is roughly cylindrical, approximately 3.2-4mm (.12-.15in) long, light brown in color and has moderately impressed sutures. (Burch,1962) The actual animal itself is small, dark with slightly paler sides. (Animal Base, 2010) The body is elliptical shaped and has two pairs of small, short tentacles. (Animal Base, 2010)