The scientific name Strobilops aeneus (Pilsbry, 1926) :

Strobilops = resembling a pinecone
aeneus = made of copper or bronze

Thus, the common name Bronze Pinecone was given due to the appearance of its shell


           Eukarya:                       contain eukaryoltic cells

Kingdom:         Animalia:                       animal

Phylum:            Mollusca:                       mollusk

Class:                Gastropoda:                 gastropod

Order:                Stylommatophora:      terrestrial snails and slugs

Family:              Strobilopsidae:             terrestrial pulmonate gastropod mullusk

Genus:               Strobilops:                    resembling a pinecone

Species:            Strobilops aeneus:       bronze pinecone

(Animal Diversity Web 2008)

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