The formal taxonomic hierarchy is as follows:

Domain: Eukarya- Members possess only membrane-bound nuclei and organelles.
Animalia- Multicellular and heterotrophic organisms, the embryo goes through a blastula stage.
Phylum: Mollusca- The body contains a mantle, a radula with chitonous teeth used for feeding, and a muscular foot.
Class: Gastropoda- The organism is hermaphroditic, and the mantle has changed into a pulmonary sac and an air breathing lung.
Order: Pulmonata- Land snails and slugs that usually have a coiled shell and displays detorsion.  Highly concentrated nervous system and develop directly.
Family: Pupillidae- Air-breathing land snails.
Genus: Vertigo- Minute, terrestrial snails.
Species: Vertigo cristata

Common Name: Crested Vertigo
The scientific name, Vertigo cristata, was derived from the latin words, vert and crist.
vert: turn or swirl (this refers to the shell of the snail)
crist: crest ( this refers to the unevenness of the shell)


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