Gyraulus deflectus (Flexed Gyro)



G. deflectus is hermaphrodic and reproduces sexually with another snail (Bouchet, 2011). Self-fertilization is prevented by simultaneously passing packets of sperm (spermatophores) to fertilize the eggs of the opposite snail (Hickman, 2009). The egg capsules of G. deflectus are laid in packets filled with gelatinous material, containing 2-5 eggs (Dillon, 2006). The first batch of eggs hatch in late June/July; when the water temperature is about 23oC (Dillon, 2006). After those eggs hatch, the offspring mature, mate, and produce eggs that last through the winter (Dillon, 2006). When those eggs hatch the cycle repeats (Dillon, 2006).

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