Are you ready to test your newly-developed knowledge?

Now that you have successfully followed Campeloma throughout the website, let's find out how much you actually learned.  Get out a piece of paper and a pencil and test your knowledge!


1. Can you name all of Campeloma's family members in order of when you first met them? 

2. What does Campeloma use her radula for?

3. What is the common name of the mussel that is threatening the well-being of Campeloma and her family?

4. Why does Brother Architaenioglossa say that Campeloma doesn't need any other boys in her life?

5. True or False.  Campeloma is a terrestrial snail.

6. Where does Campeloma and most of her family live?

7. What is the unique behavioral adaptation that Campeloma has that protects her from dessication?

8. What is Campeloma's favorite food?

9. What is the stage of Sanguinicola occidentalis that first infects Campeloma?

10. What is the name of the trematode species that select against Campeloma's brother?

1. If you answered: Grandpa Eukarya, Grandma Animalia, Father Mollusca, Mother Gastropoda, Brother Architaenioglossa, Sister Viviparidae...then congratulations, you are correct!  Add Campeloma and decisum as the last two on the list and you've got Campeloma's complete Classification!

2. If you answered: Grinding and rasping her food...then congratulations, you are correct!

3. If you answered: Zebra mussels...then congratulations, you are correct!

4. If you answered: Because Campeloma is capable of reproducing on her own without the help of a male (parthenogenesis)...then congratulations, you are correct!

5. If you answered: False, Campeloma is a freshwater snail...then congratulations, you are correct!

6. If you answered: The eastern coast of North America...then congratulations, you are correct!

7. If you answered: Vertical movement or burrowing ability...then congratulations, you are correct!

8. If you answered: Decaying animal flesh or carrion...then congratulations, you are correct!

9. If you answered: Miracidium...then congratulations, you are correct!

10. If you answered: Leucochloridiomorpha constantiae...then congratulations, you are correct!



If you answered between 1-3 questions correctly, you are a "Snail-Biologist in-training."

If you answered between 4-6 questions correctly, you are an "Amateur Snail-Biologist."

If you answered between 7-9 questions correctly, you are a "Professional Snail-Biologist."

If you answered ALL 10 questions correctly, CONGRATULATIONS, you are a "Snail Genius!"

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