Adaptation: Outwit, Outlast, Outplay.

The Luna Moth is a nocturnal species that is usually only active at night when it needs to reproduce. But the downtime during the day is a long time for it to sit and wait while hungry predators like birds are out looking for a tasty meal. How the Luna moth usually survives during the day is by the use of mimicry through it's wing patterns on its back. It will try to sit on a bark of a sycamore tree while it rests motionless making the moth almost invisible to see. The moth can also roost on a pile of dead leaves in order to hide itself from predators. As a last line of defense when disturbed by a predator the Luna Moth will flutter it's wings rapidly with it's dark brown eyespots on it's wings in order to look intimidating and scare it's foe. (Holland 1968) (Patlan 2000)

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