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 Luna Moths are huge, with a wingspan of four and a half inches. They have a white body, pink legs, and pale green wings.  The hind wings have eyespots and tails.

Adult Luna Moths have a lifespan of only about 1 week! (Bug Guide 2008)

The Luna Moth is considered the easiest of the Saturniidae species to rear. An easy way to rear livestock of a Luna Moth is to catch an contain a female in a paper bag for an evening and then release her after a night which she should have deposited some of her brown colored eggs. Keep the eggs in the container or transfer them to a glass jar or styrofoam cooler without air holes. Store the eggs in an ambient lit place but not exposed to direct sunlight. The eggs should hatch within 8-12 days and once hatched place some dry foliage that the larvae will eat and replace the leaves every other day. Keep doing this until the caterpillars have gone through all 5 of it's instars (which should take about 1 and 1/2 months) and the larvae cocoons and goes into it's pupa stage. Depending on whether the caterpillar will have to overwinter in it's cocoon the Luna Moth may eclose within three weeks, or the following spring if the caterpillar went into it's pupa stage in fall. Either way once the Luna Moth ecloses you will have a beautiful specimen to observe! Good Luck and clink on the link for a more detailed description of how to rear (Actias luna: eggs to adults)

As the Luna Moth is nocturnal and mates by moonlight, the Luna Moth is generally associated in pop culture as a creature of the night. Thus the Luna Moth is incorporated into the Lunesta logo which is a brand of sleeping aid which is a trademark of Sunovion Pharmaceutical Inc. http://www.lunesta.com/

The Luna Moth is referenced in two separate songs by the rock band R.E.M. Once in the song "You" of the album Monster and then again on the track "Boy In The Well" on the album Around The Sun.

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